The Clans

The Clans of Kindred and Cainites

Camarilla, the Ivory Tower

Brujah: The Brujah are a passionate clan, prone to aggression and anger. They are philosophers, warriors, rambunctious friends, and dangerous enemies. They often advocate causes, fighting against oppression and tyranny in hope of a better world.
Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Malkavian: Although gifted with adept insight, all members of the Malkavian clan suffer from some form of macabre insanity. Alternately terrifying and serene, these vampires often seek to enlighten others… whether they like it or not.
DIsciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

Nosferatu: Members of Clan Nosferatu are hideous to behold, their bodies horribly warped and twisted by the Embrace. Clandestine spies and wily secret-stealers, they control the flow of information in vampire society.
DIsciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Toreador: The Toreador are sensuous, gregarious hedonists, known for their beauty as well as their cunning. Of all the clans, they are the most refined, always found at the cutting edge of mortal art and culture.
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Tremere: Long ago, this sorcerous clan of vampires seized immortality and shaped their own fate. In modern nights, they are feared and mistrusted for their occult secrets, although none can deny the power they wield.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Ventrue: Stoic and composed, the ventrue are the pinnacle of vampiric aristocracy. They are monarchs and CEOs, wealthy benefactors and commanding military leaders, ruling the night with an iron fist. Known commanders of the Ivory Tower, Camarilla.
Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence


Gangrel: Savage predators and feral loners, preferring wilderness and freedom to the confinement of urban sprawl. They are masterful shape-changers and stalwart allies. After leaving the Camarilla during Gehenna, the elders of the clan are working zealously to regain full membership in the Ivory Tower, although meeting resistance from within their clan.
Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Giovanni: Incestuous and insular masters of necromantic magic. With the ruthlessness of a mafia dynasty and the ambition of a modern corporation, these Venetian merchants seek power at any cost. Of all the clans not in the Camarilla, the Giovanni was the only to not see it’s power wane.
Disciplines: Dominate, Potence, Necromancy

Followers of Set: Decadent, seductive, and corrupt, the Setites worship their God in golden temples and seedy opium dens, seamlessly merging ancient Egypt and modern crime. Their mysterious religion lead the clan to burn many bridges during Gehenna, which they believed would raise their Dark God from the bowels of the Earth. In the aftermath, the clan has worked deftly to restore their position in the Kindred world.
Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

Assamite: Based in the Middle East, these deadly assassins see themselves as judges, bringing death to the “lesser” vampire clans. They revere their founder, Haqim, and avoid all entanglements of alliance or sect. The clan was nearly obliterated in the events of Gehenna, leading many to question this bloody clans role in the event that lead to the final death of Kindred of all clans the world over.
Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Caitiff: With blood too thin to claim a clan or lineage, Caitiff exhibit few common characteristics. These unfortunate vampires are usually abandoned and disregarded after their misbegotten Embrace, and must rely on themselves in order to survive. Their lot has only worsened in the wake of Gehenna, some elders believe their rise in number lead to the awakening of Ravanos.
Disciplines: Varies

Ravnos: Its members are tricksters, thieves, and vagabonds, stealing what they wish and moving on to the next target. Ravnos typically reject systems of authority, ignoring sect boundaries and disobeying laws. In recent nights, a great tragedy struck the Ravnos clan, reducing its numbers to near-extinction. Although it has begun to repopulate after the horrors of the Week of Nightmares, the clan is still small. The majority of its membership consists of newly Embraced individuals, still struggling to understand the vampiric world. The elders of the clan have become more reclusive, frightened of another purge.
Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Chimeristry

Sabbat, the Sword of Caine

Lasombra: Elegant and inhuman, the Lasombra relish their vampiric existence. With regal grace, they command the shadows and delight in both kinds of darkness – of the night, and of the soul. After the slaying their antediluvian progenitor in the Anarch Rebellion, a few Lasombra refused to join the Sabbat in disgust and in turn became members of the Camarilla; calling themselves Lasombra Antitribu.
Disciplines: Dominate, Potence, Obtenebration

Tzimisce: A clan of fallen nobles from Eastern Europe, the reclusive Tzimisce clan are jealous, possessive creatures. With the power to shape flesh and bone, the masters of metamorphosis seek to evolve beyond mortal understanding.
Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Vicissitude

The Antitribu: Long ago many vampires abandoned their Camarilla clans to join the Sabbat proudly declared themselves antitribu, declaring they were outside of the reach of their elders. Often finding themselves looked down upon by the Lasombra and Tzimisce clans, the antitribu clans worked diligently to prove their worth. With the devastation and disarray of Gehenna, many fled into the ranks of Anarchs or tried to rejoin the Camarilla.

Lesser clans and bloodlines exist, often in the shadows.

The Clans

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