Rules Changes

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Character Creation
General Merits
Clan Specific Merits

Character Creation:

  • One cannot spend XP to increase the Generation background
  • One cannot buy more than four (4) attribute dots at character creation.
  • One cannot purchase a fifth (5th) dot of a discipline or a background at character generation.
  • In no way can a character specialize in all three focuses of an attribute at the same time.


  • Bonus Willpower Retest: Removed


  • Ancilla (2 Generation Dots)
    • Techniques cost 10 xp rather than 12.
  • Pretender Elder (3 Generation Dots)
    • Out-of-clan Disciplines cost 5 * new level rather than 4 * new level.
  • Master Elder (4 Generation Dots)
    • Out-of-clan Disciplines cost 5 * new level rather than 4 * new level.
  • Clarification: The bonus attributes gained from generation increase the maximum one may buy in an attribute, these attributes past the usual maximum of ten still cost xp to then gain. The bonus attributes are assigned and spread out as the player wishes between attribute categories. For example, take Tod the Ancilla. He could raise the attribute maximum of physicals by 2, or he could raise the attribute maximum of mentals by 2, or he could raise the attribute maximum of physicals by 1 and the attribute maximum of mentals by 1, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


  • Cost 4 XP per attribute


  • Skills do not grant abilities until three dots in comparison to one dot.
  • Skills that allow specialization also grant the character a number of “general” dots in all specializations of that skill at highest specialization – 3.
  • Animal Ken For a character to benefit from the application of Animal Ken to reduce the number of their beast traits they must tell the person using Animal Ken, in detail, how they gained that beast trait. The beast is fickle and only by knowing what triggered it can it be calmed.
  • Streetwise If you take the time to move discreetly, moving through densely populated urban areas causes your tracks to only be detectable by supernatural powers specifically designed to track. When you plan to Poach in a zone you get a +1 bonus to poaching chops in that zone.


  • Feeding uses the Feeding Rules rather than spending 15 minutes outside of game to regain two blood.


  • Degeneration and Frenzy challenges no longer rely on the mental attribute. Instead, Degeneration challenges and Frenzy challenges are failed when tied on symbols and the character is able to spend a willpower to win on ties for Degeneration challenges or to ignore a Frenzy trigger for a scene.


  • Ranged weapons deal one less damage to Vampires.
  • Reloading a weapon takes a standard action. The rapid reload weapon quality reduces this to a simple action.
  • Fair Escape is more nebulous.
  • Thrown Weapons use Potence for damage and exceptional success.


  • Ghouls: Cost 1 willpower to create and maintain.
  • Creating a Ghoul:
    1. Assign the values 6, 4, 3 to mental, physical, social attributes.
    2. Choose two skills of which the Ghoul will have two dots each.
    3. Assign three dots among the ghouls in clan disciplines with a maximum of two dots in a single discipline.
  • This is completely separate from the Retainers background which works similarly. Retainers do not cost a willpower to create nor maintain but do cost xp.


  • Contacts Rather than single individuals each dot of contacts gives the player a sphere of influence. They get to ask each sphere 1 question each game (alternatively it was they get to ask a number of questions each game for each dot they have and can ask a sphere multiple questions. Thinking on it further I think that was the default we had).
  • Herd Does not negate downtime cost of Feeding. Gaining blood can only be used once per game and does not require taking blood from the Feeding Map.
  • Influence One can only use each “level” of action once a game.
  • Retainer Rather than gaining one discipline with a number of dots equal to the dots in that retainer assign a number of dots equal to the dots in that retainer among the retainers in clan disciplines with each discipline not allowed to have more than two dots.

General Merits:

  • Efficient Digestion: Removed.
  • Golconda Seeker: Not available to Player Characters.
  • Rugged: The character gains an additional Healthy health box. This stacks fully with the extra health boxes gained from Fortitude with the Stamina focus. Cost reduced to two (2) merit xp.


  • Note: If you take a flaw, it will hinder you in some way shape or form at least once during the chronicle.
  • Dark Fate: Removed.
  • Lesser Generation: -1 Blood Pool for each xp the flaw is worth.
  • Poseidon’s Call: Worth 1 xp rather than 3.
  • Thin Skin(New): Take full damage from ranged weapons and lose one trait of blood when hit with a ranged attack. This Flaw is worth 3 xp.


  • All Disciplines: Disciplines can be taught up to tutor’s dots minus 1.
  • Dementation (Clarification, not change) Learning Dementation causes the Kindred to develop a derangement for which they gain no experience. Should the character already have a derangement for which they gained experience they can chose to either develop a new derangement for which they gain no experience or pay back the experience gained from their original derangement. Should the character already have a derangement for which they gained no experience nothing changes.
  • Dementation 4, Voice of Madness: An exceptional success now grants the target three derangement traits rather than causing the derangement to last for two games.
  • Dominate: Generation difference gives a defensive bonus to resisting dominate. Should the dominatee be of a lower generation than the dominator they gain + 1 to the test. Should they by 4 or more generations lower than the dominator they gain + 2 instead.
  • Obsuscate 1: Conceal. Max length of items concealed is one (1) foot rather than three (3). The focus increases number of concealable items to five (5) rather than ten (10) and does not increase the length.
  • Obfuscate The invisibility gained by 2, 4, and 5 take a simple action each round to maintain.
  • Obfuscate 4: The immunity to Auspex is removed.
  • Obtenebration 3, Arms of the Abyss: The attack pool of the tentacles is reduced to 6, having the manipulation focus increases the attack pool to 8. Having the manipulation focus and any level of fortitude adds 1 health level to the tentacles in comparison to adding 2 health levels.


  • Will to Survive: The first blood spent on healing does not count for your blood expenditure limit for that turn.
  • Quick Blood: Blood spent on celerity does not count for your blood expenditure limit for that turn.

Clan Specific Merits:

  • Brujah Burning Wrath: Spend a blood, for the rest of the scene one punch of your choice deals aggravated damage and gains a +2 wildcard bonus on the attack. This power cannot be used more than once a scene.
  • Settite Personal Cult: Rather than gaining 5 dots in one background the character gains 3 dots in one background and 2 in another.
  • Gangrel Coyote Bloodline: Removed
  • Nosferatu Pliable Blood: Quietus, Protean, and Serpentis removed from the list of available extra in-clan disciplines.
  • Toreador Dancer’s Grace: One cannot use the free dodge retest in a turn they have attacked and vice versa.
  • Toreador Ishtari Bloodline: Removed.
  • Toreador Volgirre Bloodline: Removed.
  • Toreador New Bloodline: Cost two merit. Auspex, Celerity, and Dominate in-clan disciplines. Lore pending.
  • Ventrue Aura of Command: Limit to once a scene, merit cost increased to two.
  • Ventrue Paragon: Cost increased to four. The retainer gained from Paragon is a level three retainer with a discipline spread of 2, 1, 1 assigned by the player. The retainer also does not have their own backgrounds.
  • Ventrue Regal Bearing: Cost decreased to three.
  • Caitiff Vestiges of Greatness: Vicissitude is removed from the list of available disciplines. Note: This merit will require additional scrutiny, do not assume every combination of disciplines possible will be allowed.

Rules Changes

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