Lodin's Laws

I None in my city shall kill and leave behind evidence of their feasting. If your slaying shall cause an investigation among the Police, or worse, among the Press, then I shall track you down and extinguish you or if others speak for you, exile you. You must lick all wounds, and dispose of all those you kill. I hold the fourth tradition in strong regard and do not take such violations of the Masquerade lightly.

II Do not harm the travelers to this city, for its wealth is based upon it being a center of commerce and travel. You may feed from such, but do not leave any evidence of your feast You should not test me on this, for these folk are the basis of the wealth of my realm.

III Have nothing to do with any of those among the Chicago Sun-Times and NBC. They are to be strictly ignored. They are my Domain. Neither should you attempt to create contacts or retainers among the Police of this city. They are my Domain as well.

IV Keep the sanctity of Elysium, for that is our place of rest and recreation. No act of violence or struggle shall be tolerated. You may attend my court there, as all in my city are free to do, but you must not carry your conflicts into the sanctity of its ground. No use of the power of our blood unto others shall be tolerated, only the ability to read auras or masking one’s face shall be allowed without my permission.

V Do not hold commerce with my enemies or those who seek to usurp my rightful authority. I shall repay treachery with treachery, rebellion with iron might. Let me caution you. I know all that happens within my realm. Do not think you can keep secrets from me.

VI Do not interact with the Anarchs, either ones squatting in the Domain of Chicago or the enemies of the Camarilla around and in Aurora.

VII All remnants of the Sabbat shall be either be reported to myself and destroyed.

VIII All Kindred are categorically banned from the creation of childer within the environs of Chicago and those areas within the my praxis . There are to be, without exception, no Embraces. Those who transgress this prohibition shall be punished by enforced torpor, exile, mutilation or other punishment as judged on a caseby-case basis. Those Embraced willingly or upon request share in the guilt of their sires but are to be held less accountable. Those who travel outside the environs of the city to perform these acts and then return with the fruit of their deeds are to be judged as if they had Embraced inside Chicago itself. Only myself, as Price, my grant the right of progeny.

IX All beneath my laware enjoined from slaying Kindred of the Camarilla or who may have my protection, be it directly or indirectly. While we are eternally subject to the vicissitudes of sun, flame and mortal wrath, within Chicago we shall be safe from one another. Those who commit this crime shall be punished as above, whether they kill directly or through means of living agents. If your ghoul kills, the ash is on your hands; he does not shield you any more than a dagger protects its wielder from guilt. The Right of Destruction is mine alone to give and my agents are my arms.

Heed these words, and do not attempt to disobey my laws.

Lodin's Laws

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