Feeding Rules


There are nine (9) Feeding Zones in Chicago, each containing a variable amount of blood and some are controlled by characters.
Both Players and NPCs can control Zones though at the start of the game only NPCs will have zones under their control.

Feeding rights can be gained via negotiations or boons with the character in control of the zone.

At game we will have an actual feeding map of Chicago with the zones outlined and how much blood is available in each zone.


Players begin game with blood traits equal to half of their maxiumum pool, rounded down.

Players can spend a downtime action between games to feed, doing so will allow them to access the physical feeding map when they arrive at game and take whatever blood they wish from it.

Once game has started each character will be able to access the map two times, even if they did not spend a downtime to feed.

Complications: Feeding Rights, Scarcity, and the Masquerade

Feeding Rights

Characters can possess feeding rights to various areas of the city, and these rights will be marked on the feeding map.
Ownership of feeding zones has no direct mechanical effect, but feeding rights tend to be strongly enforced.

In order to protect a zone, characters can use the Patrol downtime to identify those who feed there.
Characters can use the Poach downtime to avoid notice during illegitimate feeding.

  • Patrol: Characters can spend any number of downtime actions to patrol a zone. This action may be taken multiple times for different zones. The patrolling character discovers the identity of any character who feeds in the target zone over the next game, unless that character uses the Poach action. Patrolling does not directly prevent feeding.
  • Poach: Characters can spend any number of downtime actions to poach in a zone. This action may be taken multiple times for different zones. Preparing to poach in a zone makes it possible to feed in patrolled zones undetected. Success is determined by a poaching chop. A poacher who wins on symbols is not detected. A poacher who wins on ties is not detected if the number of downtime actions spent poaching in that zone equal or exceed the number of downtime actions spent patrolling the zone. Success and failure are determined for each patrol separately.

Each zone has a limited amount of easily accessible blood, marked on the feeding map.

When a zone is emptied of blood, characters can still feed from it by making a consequence chop:

  • Win on symbols: No negative consequences. Gain three blood.
  • Tie on symbols: Mortal unintentionally injured. Gain three blood and one beast trait.
  • Lose on symbols: Masquerade gaffe. Gain three blood, but a Masquerade violation is added to the target zone.
The Masquerade

In zones with recent Masquerade violations, it becomes harder to feed without further alerting the populace. These areas are treated as empty of blood until the issue is resolved. Many minor breaches are forgotten after a time, while serious ones may require active cleanup.

Players can still feed from an area with Masquerade problems by making a consequence chop, but any additional breaches caused will worsen the situation.

The Zones

Zone Blood Available Notes
The Loop / Mag Mile / McCormick High Lodin’s / Clan Ventrue have feeding rights
Wrigleyville / Lakeview High
Watertower / West Town / Boy’s Town High Lord Hakiel’s / Clan Tremere have feeding rights
Bronzeville / Hyde Park / University of Chicago Medium Half of zone Primogen Adrian has feeding rights for
Comiskey Park (Cellular Field) / Midway / Chicago Lawn Medium
UIC / Medical District / Little Italy Medium
Logan Square / Irving Park Medium Half of zone Primogen Nevel has feeding rights for
Cicero Low
Dunning / Jefferson Park / O’Hare Low


Feeding Rules

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