Character Creation Guidelines

1. Begin with a concept for your character.

2. Choose one of the available clans as found in Clans and Rarities. The cost of being a uncommon or rare clan will be payed with starting XP (Step 9).

3. There are three attributes: Physical, Mental, and Social.
Assign 7 points to one, 5 to another, and 3 to the last.

4. For each attribute there are 3 focuses, choose one focus for each of your attributes.

For the Physical attribute the choices are Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina.
For the Social attribute the choices are Charisma, Manipulation, or Appearance.
For the Mental attribute the choices are Perception, Intelligence, or Wits.

5. Each character starts with one skill at level 4, two at level 3, three at level 2, and four at level 1. Having 3 or more dots in a skill you gain a minor ability.
The list of skills and their abilities begins on page 91 in the book though please note some of our changes to a few of the skills.

The list of skills is as follows:

Academics Animal Ken
Athletics Awareness
Brawl Computer
Crafts Dodge
Drive Empathy
Firearms Intimidation
Investigation Leadership
Linguistics Lore
Medicine Melee
Occult Performance
Science Security
Stealth Streetwise
Subterfuge Survival

6. Characters start with three backgrounds, one with 3 dots, one with 2 dots, and one with only 1 dot.

Note: to be a Vampire you have to have at least one dot in the Generation background and you will be unable to purchase dots of Generation later on.

7. Vampires start with 2 dots of one in-clan discipline and 1 dot each of the other two in-clan disciplines.

8. Choose Merits and Flaws. Clan specific merits (including bloodlines) start on page 238 in the book, general merits on page 248, Morality merits on page 253 (not all paths of enlightenment fit this setting and starting on a path will require storyteller approval), and flaws start on page 259.

Also, please note which General Mertis, Flaws, and Clan Specific Merits we have changed to better fit the chronicle.

9. Spend 50 XP to round out your character (see table below).

Note that generation cannot be bought by starting XP, it is only gained as one of your initial backgrounds from step 6.

Please separately list XP purchases, so we quickly check characters.

XP costs depend on generation and are as follows:

Generation Item Cost
All Attribute 4 XP each
In-Clan Discipline New Level * 3 XP
Regain Lost Humanity 10 XP
Change Focus after the second game 10 XP
Merit XP equal to merit rating
Ritual: Necromancy or Thaumaturgy Level of ritual to be purchased * 2 XP
Neonate Background New Level * 1 XP
Skill New Level * 1 XP
Out-of-Clan Discipline New Level * 4 XP
Technique 12 XP each
Ancilla Background New Level * 2 XP
Skill New Level * 2 XP
Out-of-Clan Discipline New Level * 4 XP
Technique 10 XP each
Pretender Elder Background New Level * 2 XP
Skill New Level * 2 XP
Out-of-Clan Discipline New Level * 5 XP
Technique 20 XP each
In-Clan Elder Power 18 XP (limit one total, whether in-clan our out-of-clan)
Out-of-Clan Elder Power 24 XP (limit one total, whether in-clan our out-of-clan)



Character Creation Guidelines

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