Within the Ashes of Chicago

Chicago Sun-Times,December 16, 1999
Game 7 paper

Surveillance Bill Passes
After extended debate and multiple revisions, the city council voted to pass the Chicago Surveillance Act. This new law removes the past requirement for cameras to be clearly visible when placed in areas intended for public use. This change is expected to be a great help to law enforcement, and a number of businesses plan to install additional cameras to help protect themselves from theft and vandalism.

Rezoning Program Makes Room for the Future
Recently elected alderman Antony Napoletano has begun an extensive rezoning program designed to free up real estate for development. Many properties in the city are still left underused due to outdated regulations and red tape, and the changes are aimed to allow for new construction and business growth. In many areas, this zoning program is expected to allow significant economic growth within the next few years.

Grumble&Grumble Construction Goes Public
Davy Grumble, owner and cofounder of the successful Grumble&Grumble Construction Company, has decided to step down from his leading position in order to explore other business ventures. With his departure, Grumble&Grumble has gone public, selling its stock on the open market. There has been unexpectedly heavy interest from investors, with the stock nearly doubling in price since its initial offering. Grumble&Grumble’s new management plans to expand into new markets with the sudden influx of funding.

Rise in Pollution Worries Populace
A particularly thick smog developed last Tuesday just west of the downtown area. Though it eventually dissipated, it brought back persistent concerns about the cleanliness of the city. Pollution levels have risen significantly over the last few months, and the cause is unclear. City investigators suspect some industrial companies of ignoring regulations on the sly, and thorough inspections are in the works for a number of businesses. Until then, city dwellers are advised to avoid vigorous outdoor activity when ozone levels are high.

Police Make Major Drug Seizure
Thanks to an opportune tip, police were able to locate a major hideout of the notorious Crimson Skulls gang. A well-executed raid resulted in six arrests, the recovery of several stolen firearms, and the seizure of cocaine and herion valuing $1.3 million plus $100,000 cash. Crime experts expect that the loss of equipment and personnel will seriously hamper the Crimson Skulls’ activity in the city, likely resulting in a small dip in overall crime. Police stated that 43 overdoses since the beginning of the year are beleived to be linked to the distribution of these drugs.

Chicago Sun-Times, December 9th, 1999
Game 6 paper

Surveillance Bill Still Under Contention

City Council votes this week on the long-discussed Community Surveillance Act. There is still significant contention over Section 8C, which would lower the standard of evidence required for city officials to gain access to security records of businesses. Some groups of lobbyists are pushing for this clause to be removed before the vote.

Napoletano Wins Special Election

Candidate Napoletano won last week in a special election held to replace former alderman James Lannski after his abrupt resignation. Napoletano’s victory came as a mild surprise given the significant lead maintained by rival candidate Frank Mendoza just a week before the election. In his acceptance speech Napoletano promised to take action against the upsetting conditions in the city and restore the order its citizens had previously enjoyed.

New CEO for MultiHaul

Stocks ticked up for the first time in weeks for local shipping company MultiHaul when it welcomed in new CEO Jeremy Tennyson. A dynamic leader, he promises to revitalize a company damaged by steep competition and a history of accidents.
Walker Investigations Exposed!

Employees of private security firm Walker Investigations have been caught in shocking violation of the law, bringing back longstanding public doubts about the company’s activities. Two employees of Walker Investigations were caught trespassing in the offices of NBC Chicago by police. A cursory search revealed a quarter kilo of cocaine and an electronic balance in their vehicle outside. The pair have been detained for possession with intent to sell, and police investigators suspect further drug connections with the company. The company’s owner, Walker Friel, is a shadowy figure with known criminal connections. Though never convicted, he has been implicated in illegal activities on multiple occasions in the past. In light of the recent drug arrests, the company will be subjected to a thorough audit to clear out the corruption.

Accident at Printing Facility

A faulty backup generator led to a fire during a brief power outage yesterday at a small printing facility in Cicero. Facility owner Monocular Publishing warns of possible leakage of hazardous chemicals, and will be dispatching a cleanup team to take care of the situation safely. Damage appears minor, and is expected to be resolved within a few days.

Police Crack Down on Rampant Crime

Following the recent riots and multiple killing sprees, police have decided to take a tougher approach in order to protect the city. After successfully petitioning for an increase in previously inadequate city funding, the CPD plans to drastically increase police presence in problem areas and maintain considerably faster response times. By taking a harsher stance towards unlawful and predatory behavior, law enforcement officials hope to avoid repeating the bloody events of the last few weeks.

Smugglers Caught Unloading Weapons

A group of smugglers was caught this week attempting to unload weapons into the city off of a shipping barge ostensibly carrying food products. As the smugglers were found to have connections to active organized criminal groups, this is not believed to be an isolated incident. The Illinois International Port District is temporarily requiring more extensive documentation for ships docking in or near Chicago in order to control the situation.

Communication Lost with Mars Polar Lander

Shortly before contact with the Martian atmosphere, NASA scientists stopped receiving signals from the lander. (Cont. page 6)

Chicago Sun-Times December 2,1999
Game 5 Paper

Surveillance Proposal Reaches City Hall

After multiple revisions, the much-discussed proposal for increased surveillance is ready to be voted on by the city council. Currently, any business or organization using surveillance cameras must keep them clearly visible in areas intended for use by the general public, a requirement introduced several years ago in order to protect individual privacy. Greater acceptance of video monitoring and increasing safety concerns have changed attitudes, however. The new guidelines allow much freer use of cameras by private businesses. Supporters hope that the looser guidelines will help businesses protect themselves against rampant crime.

Special Election

Ballots open later this week for the special election to replace recently resigned alderman James Lannski. Candidate Frank Mendoza has a slight lead over Anthony Napolitano in the polls, with 52% reported support compared to 43%. Mendoza’s tough-on-crime stance is likely becoming attractive to many voters given recent events. In response, however, Napolitano has doubled down on campaigning, organizing an additional series of high-profile rallies to drum up support.
Heavy Rioting in East Village

A demonstration against skyrocketing crime turned violent last week when fighting broke out among protesters. The initial cause of the riots was unclear, but in crowded streets with minimal police protection, conflict quickly spread throughout the neighborhood. Violence and vandalism were widespread, and some limited fires broke out during the confusion. By early morning, the streets had emptied save for a few opportunistic looters and some bands of locals protecting particular buildings. Damage was fairly extensive, and the neighborhood may take considerable time to fully recover.

Murdering Painter Brought to Justice

The streets got a little bit safer earlier in the week when information from concerned citizens led to the capture and arrest of a dangerous killer. An exsanguinated corpse found in the dumpster downtown was found to be the work of a deranged artist who had been using the victim’s blood as paint – lab tests matched blood found in the painter’s refrigerator to the victim’s body. After being apprehended, the killer refused to comment, and is awaiting a trial scheduled for early next month.

Tightening Building Codes Spark Controversy

A thorough round of building inspections over the last few weeks has uncovered large numbers of businesses and apartment complexes in violation of new, more stringent building codes. Many of these structures have been slated for repairs or renovations to bring them up to city standards, but some will have to close down permanently. As a result, many business owners have come together to protest the changes, warning of negative effects on the city’s economy. The main organizer, landlord Ricky Nugent, has presented an appeal to reduce the city’s stringent requirements. The Department of Buildings states that it will consider the appeal, but does not currently plan to change its course of action. Officials acknowledge there may be a brief adjustment period for businesses, but remind the public that these changes are needed to ensure public safety. Recent accidents include the complete collapse of a historic building a few weeks ago and some serious injuries due to lack of fire safety measures in buildings near the recent riots.

Tightening Building Codes Spark Controversy

A thorough round of building inspections over the last few weeks has uncovered large numbers of businesses and apartment complexes in violation of new, more stringent building codes. Many of these structures have been slated for repairs or renovations to bring them up to city standards, but some will have to close down permanently. As a result, many business owners have come together to protest the changes, warning of negative effects on the city’s economy. The main organizer, landlord Ricky Nugent, has presented an appeal to reduce the city’s stringent requirements. The Department of Buildings states that it will consider the appeal, but does not currently plan to change its course of action. Officials acknowledge there may be a brief adjustment period for businesses, but remind the public that these changes are needed to ensure public safety. Recent accidents include the complete collapse of a historic building a few weeks ago and some serious injuries due to lack of fire safety measures in buildings near the recent riots.

My subjects, First, members of Clan Giovanni in this city are under MY protection, anyone wishing to interfere with their work risks my wraith. Secondly, orders from officers are to be obeyed, until I name a Seneschal all officers that come from my bloodline shall be regarded to speak with high authority than officers from other lines. I shall hear no discord on these matters. Tertiarily, this court shall be overseen by myself, may all matters of justice be in my hands.


Pronouncement of Primogen Herman

Prince Lodin is suffering from some affliction of the blood, so he will not be present this evening. As such, I’ve been tasked with serving as Seneschal in his absence. It goes without saying that all kindred in the domain are praying for a speedy recovery. Stability will be the goal of the next few nights.

Yours Truly,
Willum Herman
Acting-Seneschal & Ventrue Primogen of Chicago
Childer of Irving Boldger ,Theodora , Democritus, Michaellis, Cret

Chicago Sun-Times November 15,1999
Paper for Game 4

Anti-Crime Protests

Tensions on the west side regarding developing gang activity have developed into street protests. Demonstrators feel that police response has been apathetic, and demand increased efforts in protecting the local populace. Protesting was initially coordinated by local community watch groups in the face of steadily growing crime.

Grisly Murder Downtown

While emptying a little-used dumpster just south of the downtown area, garbagemen were stunned to discover a human corpse mixed in with the refuse. The body had punctures in multiple major arteries, and most of the blood seems to have been drained out of the corpse. The degree of decomposition suggests that the victim’s death occurred between one and two weeks ago. The victim has yet to be identified.

Satellite TV Ready To Soar

The new satellite television bill that President Clinton is expected to sign soon is a major breakthrough for an aggressive $43.5 billion industry.

For the first time, satellite TV companies will be able to offer programming from local stations to their customers in major cities, a step many lawmakers and analysts believe (Cont Section 2A) City Building Codes Tightened

A pattern of lax enforcement in building and fire codes has allowed many unsafe structures to remain in use without proper renovation. Roy Wallace, longtime head of the Department of Buildings, plans to crack down on violations and update or demolish old buildings. After an initial round of inspections, many locations have been flagged for significant repairs and several are slated for demolition.

Surveillance Measures Under Discussion

In response to a sustained increase in crime and disorder, the City Council is considering increased use of video surveillance in problem areas throughout the city. The measure has major support, though concerns over privacy and budget concerns have both been cited as roadblocks.

`Pokemon’ May Not Be Good Fare For Youngsters

The bad accents are the only things adults will find entertaining about “Pokemon: The First Movie” (G).

If you can manage it, spare your little ones (and yourself) from seeing “Pokemon.” The feature is too boring for older kids and parents, and many will judge it too dark and violent for young, impressionable minds. (Cont Section 4A)
Lakeview Kidnapping

A bold kidnapping occurred last Thursday evening in Lakeview, as a group of unknown persons came to came to the home of area resident Brian Larson, tying his hands and taking him away in their car. His housekeeper, who witnessed part of the kidnapping, reported that Larson stood dazed for some time with the kidnappers. “He was talking two people at the door and acting weird and spacey, maybe drugged. I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time. One of the kidnappers led me into another room, and by the time I got back there was a third one there instead tying him up and taking him out to the car. I went to call the police right away.” The kidnappers were able to flee the scene of the crime unapprehended.

Resignation and Special Election

Chicago City Clerk James Laski resigned today, twelve days after a federal indictment charged him with soliciting bribes and obstruction of justice tied to the embattled ‘Hired Truck Program’.

In an odd move, the City Council has hastily called for a special election in two weeks to fill the position till the end of the term. Alderman Frank Mendoza of the 34th district has announced he’s running. Pentex Vice President Anthony Napolitano is stepping down to run as well.


My fellow kindred,
As your new Keeper of Elysium I hope to offer you the greatest safehaven and meeting place as possible in these turbulant nights, and to that effect I am clarifying and expanding upon the given code of conduct and Rules of Elysium.

First, Elysium is not the royal court of the prince, while it is his ancient right to speak first and have the final statements we are all free to speak as to our station and with proper respect. Not even the lowest Caitiff should fear to speak to even the highest of primogen so long as he showes the respect that one’s possion is due. Elysium is neutral territory for all kindred, all conversations contained in its walls will remain civil and nonprovocative.

Second, No violence may be done in Elysium. No weapons or tools of harm may be carried into nor harmful disciplines used without the leave of myself or my duely appointed agents. The safety of the kindred and artifacts within Elysium are sacrosanct and the Keeper will tolerate no threat to either.

Third, as it has been the case in this domain that strange and magical artifacts have been seen with increasing frequency I shall require an antechamber to Elysium-Propper where such items can be displayed, discussed, and investigated, but I do not wish to see any unknown object to cross the bounds of our sacred Elysium..

Fouth, under no circumstance shall any save the Keeper or his duely appointed agents use any discipline upon another kindred who is under the protection of Elysium. Should any wish to submit willingly to a benevolent discipline power they must go to the antechameber to do what they wish. Be aware that the Keeper and his agents may use sensory powers to search all kindred coming to Elysium for weapons, artifacts, or disguises.

Fifth, the Masquerade is of paramount importance, no Kindred shall bring a mortal ino the bounds of Elysium unless that mortal is his ghoul and has been inducted into the silence of the blood. Should a mortal intrude upon an Elysium event uninvited the masquerade must be protected, any kindred preasent may use whatever means nessessary to preserve our First Tradition.

Sixth, to frenzy in Elysium is an affront to the very core ideal of the Elysiums, any kindred who frenzies in Elysium shall be punished severly. It is best to feed before attending Elysium as hunting in or in the area immediatly around Elysium is strictly forbidden.

Seventh, should Elysium fall under attack by external forces all kindred are to aid in defending it against whatever force threatens it. Should the Keeper or his agents deem that Elysium is undefendable they will designate a rondevous point which shall temporarally posess all the rules and protections of Elysium until such a time as a propper Elysium is ordained.

Lastly, any violation of the sanctity of Elysium are a grevious blow not only to our pride but to our very lives. the Keeper shall keep a watchful eye for any who break the ancient covenent of Elysium and they will be cast from the gathering disgraced in the eyes of the Camarilla. Minor infractions shall be warned once, and only once.

I, by my right as Keeper of Elysium, name Dr. William Blackwell of Clan Ventrue as Guard of Elysium, to act in my stead when I am not present and to faithfully uphold the strictures of Elysium against darkness or the coming dawn.

In weeks to come I will find an Elysium more suited to our needs, but until such a time I will hold Elysium in the same location as our previous gatherings.

Should any kindred have questions about Elysium, Pax Vampiris, the Traditions of Hospitality, History of Elysium, or how I will manage the Elysium under my perview you may freely contact me.

Joeseph Kinsington-Reily, Keeper of Elysium
((Phone Number, P.O. box))
[[If you want to contact Joeseph over downtimes shoot me a facebook message or an email at Aberlocher@yahoo.com]]

Matters of State and Security

Venerated Kindred of Chicago,

I’m afraid I must apologize for my grief, as a Prince and Venture; it should never overwhelm my composure. The burden of the death of a childer is no excuse. Please note there is not a single kindred loyal to the Camarilla that I wish to see harmed. Kindred of baser loyalties have harmed this domain in killing Sheriff Nelly and this demands retribution. It has become known that there is a connection to the Anarchs and the recent Sabbat incursion. Furthermore, information from Primogen Council members Nevel Waterson and Adrian Dunlap have revealed that ex-Primogen Eleanor Jones to be a traitor and Anarch. Her infidelity to the Camarilla, has forfeited her rights to the blood and she is now Blood Hunted in this domain; all leal kindred are to do her harm.

Furthermore, a city cannot exist properly without a Sheriff; therefore I command that the Primogen Council assemble a list of candidates for Sheriff. All acknowledged Kindred are welcome to present themselves to a member of the Council for consideration, although ability shall be the deciding factor.

Maintaining the Fruits of our Labors
The Masquerade and the Camarilla

Esteemed Kindred of Chicago,

Trying times are upon us, fear not, for these times are diminutive in comparison to the challenges our sect faced in the last decade. Which may I remind you, the times of trouble known as ‘Gehenna’ propelled our institution into the forge, and we remained studier, whereas the other, more debased, groups melted as the rabble they are. Though this is not to say such times are welcomed eagerly into our domains, but if we remain resolute, loyal, and strong we shall all persevere.

Our organization created what the mortals call the ‘War on Drugs’ as a cover to the violence that the rabid lunatics of the Sabbat and lupines brought during ‘Gehenna’. Even after such hardships have passed, our initiative has still bears fruit in the maintaining the Masquerade and combating violent kindred. Though it might be that some fear the actions done in defense of the realm, believing falsehoods that our actions to uphold that Masquerade may harm the innocent.

These fears are baseless, only the unjust need to fear justice. For dispute these trying times, a caitiff was openly admitted to this city, let no one say I ignore the plights of our community or that such hardships are excuses for draconian action. Until Sheriff Nelly is found, I expect all Kindred to do their part in protecting our organization and the Masquerade. As such the Primogen has a list of outstanding tasks from the Sheriff’s records that need action, Kindred who help with such tasks shall be rewarded.


The Census

Stalwart Kindred of My Domain,

All Kindred within the environs of Chicago are to attend tomorrow’s Elysia on 36th floor of the Tribune Tower. Long has it been since the last reckoning occurred and feeding rights may be adjusted. Grievances shall be resolved under the purview of the Council of Primogen and myself. Additionally, it has come to my attention that Sheriff Edward Nelly, my childer, has gone missing. Foul play is suspected. Sheriff Nelly or his remains are to be found, along with those who committed this transgression against the domain. May all the perpetrators be defiled, and put down for the deprived waste of unlife they are. The Primogen Council shall begin looking for a replacement, permanent or temporary for the position of Sheriff.

Court shall be held an hour after sunset,


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