Willum Herman (MIA)

Missing ex-Primogen of Chicago and Ex-Lictor


Wealthy Ex-Bostionite embraced after the American Revolution, served in Ventrue Clan duties for many years. Raised as high in the Clan as his abilities and birth would allow him, without experience as an city elder. Moved to Chicago to check the actions of the newly risen Brujah Prince Maxwell. Served as an extremely loyal ally of Lodin over the last 50 years, protecting him from many threats. Willum gained much status within the Camarilla and Chicago in helping Lodin mediate between clans and building a war time coalition during the Sabbat invasion during their false Gehenna. Willum is the closest ally Lodin has outside of his own bloodline. And the only prominent Ventrue to not hold a officership, honors ex-Sheriff Nelly and Scourge Don Hamilton, both Lodin’s childer held.

Last seen being dragged out of Elysium by Don Hamilton, the old Scourge, who called Herman a traitor.


Willum Herman (MIA)

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