Lucas Voss

"The laws of physics don't apply to me"


-Dark hair and dark almost-black, brown eyes.
-Has a sharp eye and a keen mind.
-Has a strange looking pen that he casually spins around. On a careful look it seems like the pen is hovering between his fingers, not actually making any contact with them.
-Lacks patience for the simple-minded.
-Emits a constant smarter-then-thou attitude.


Lucas was born into a rich family of academics. Both of his parents were successful in their fields, and Lucas was the concentrated result of them both. A prodigy in all things science, he graduated from MIT when he was 15.

While continuing his PhD studies there, he attracted the attention of a high ranking Tremere and a benefactor of MIT. He continued to follow his progress and mentor him, until the time was right to bring him into the fold…

Embraced in his early twenties, Lucas considered it another proof of his excellence. Being embraced into a clan that is known to very carefully select only the the most exceptional individuals, Lucas relished his new life. The Tremere opened his eyes and shown that the laws of physics that he was so certain about, can easily be manipulated with the right mind.

His rise through the clan ranks was as swift as his education in his mortal life, constantly exceeding expectations. He mastered secrets of Thaumaturgy in tenth the amount of time the average Tremere takes, further increasing his own sense of superiority.

So his sire has sent him on a difficult task. To move to Chicago and supplant himself there, on his own. It only took him a month to take over the role of Primogen. Now, he looks higher up the pyramid, his potent blood restless with anticipation of higher secrets and powers left to obtain…

Lucas Voss

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