Joyce Reynolds

I have never seen a greater monster or miracle in the world than myself.


- Straight Black Hair
- Half Mexican/ Half White
- Medium height and build
- Appears to be between 28 and 36
- Rough Personality, quick to anger and slow to trust
- Loyal to those she chooses.


Embraced on the Texas Mexican border, Joyce spent much of her new life in conflicts with the Sabbat. Finding herself in a domain primarily interested in this conflict, Joyce found herself serving a supporting role to those around her, not directly on the line her domain had declared. One day, a Sabbat incursion into the domain resulted in her capture. She doesn’t like to talk about what happened.
She found herself free and decided started a new life, trying to find the person she was before the embrace, and before the Sabbat. She spent this time ranching cattle, figuring that if she could do something constructive and harmless, it would help rebuild her. She found herself disgusted at what those in the Sabbat had become, and in an effort to keep the same monstrous tendencies, took to leading as close to a human life as she could.
Isolation didn’t suit her, so she headed north to more populated areas. She’s currently found herself in Chicago, and balancing her human and vampiric selves.

Joyce Reynolds

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