Harley Quincy Cooper

Wayward Summer Childe


-wavy red hair
-appears to be in late teens
-never seen without her tie and hat if she can help it
-somewhat childish personality (most of the time)
-insatiable curiosity
-mildly rebellious nature with a dislike for particularly strict rules
-usually seen trailing after her sire, Joseph Kinsington-Reily


Born “Quincy Cooper”, Harley was sired in New York City at the age of 19, though she appears a little younger than that. She’d been living there on the street as a thief for 3 years after running away from home due to deeming her parents too “closed-minded”. In 1975, she stumbled into an alley where she discovered a vampire feeding. Rather than fleeing, her curiosity led her to want to learn more about this vampire and the world he inhabited. She wasn’t given much chance as she was quickly made to forget the experience. But this vampire took an interest in her and a week later she was happily sired.

Soon before the Sabbat occupation of New York City in the 1980s, Harley’s sire took her and the two fled down the East coast, causing Harley to spend the first half of her un-life on the run. In 1987, the release of the Harley Cooper motorcycle caused Harley to insist on changing her name to match. Once New York City was safe again, Harley and her sire returned and she was eventually Acknowledged there. In the early 1990s, Harley’s love of cartoons and super heros led her to an miraculous discovery that culminated in her calling her sire “Mr. J”, which he eventually accepted. A few years after her acknowledgement, overtaken by a desire to see new places without the threat of being slaughtered hanging over them, the pair headed to Chicago where they currently reside. Their short time in Chicago has caused Harley to desperately miss New York.

Harley considers her embrace her reward for being curious and clever. She considers her new life the best thing that’s ever happened to her and wants nothing more than to explore this new world that’s opened up for her. She’s spent the entire 24 years of her embrace close to (physically and emotionally) her sire and there is no one she is more fiercely loyal to. Her insistence that others ought to be judged based on individual merit rather than things like clan (or lack-thereof), status, age, or generation and other similar beliefs have given others pause, but is usually attributed to her youth. She’ll surely out-grow it.

Harley Quincy Cooper

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