Ex-Prince of Chicago, trying to hold onto sanity and power


Appearance: Well groomed German in who appears to be middle aged.

Publicly known Rumors:

Descents from a powerful and influential line of Ventrue, his grandsire is one of the Founders of the Camarilla. Served as sheriff in New Orleans under his sire over 100 years ago. Usurped the Brujah Prince Maxwell in 1969.

During the Gehenna crisis, his brilliant leadership and military experience prevented the fallout that devastated many domains from toppling the city. Lodin engineered a masterful counter stroke to the Sabbat invasion. Fabricating a militant coalition of kindred, reinforced by mortal influence, known as the Regiment, he annihilated the Sabbat War Pack before they could establish a foothold, a week before Wormwood left the sky.

Before disbanding the Regiment, he utilized the momentum he had to kill as many Anarchs as he could find; believing them all to be Sabbat members in the making. While he felt this would make his rule strong, it in fact weakened it. His success only reinforced his use of the Venture principle of ‘might makes right’ to radical degree, creating some enemies.

His louder enemies disappeared when he used the Caitiff as an excuse for another foray of militant action.

After 40 years of levelheaded leadership and guidance during the ‘Gehenna attacks’ it took little over a month of some affliction of his mind, blood to take him, or humanity to alienate himself in the eyes of the city. An revolt put Prince Walker into place, though Lodin still remains in the city in his fortified compound that withstood many Sabbat assaults.



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