Within the Ashes of Chicago

Matters of State and Security

Venerated Kindred of Chicago,

I’m afraid I must apologize for my grief, as a Prince and Venture; it should never overwhelm my composure. The burden of the death of a childer is no excuse. Please note there is not a single kindred loyal to the Camarilla that I wish to see harmed. Kindred of baser loyalties have harmed this domain in killing Sheriff Nelly and this demands retribution. It has become known that there is a connection to the Anarchs and the recent Sabbat incursion. Furthermore, information from Primogen Council members Nevel Waterson and Adrian Dunlap have revealed that ex-Primogen Eleanor Jones to be a traitor and Anarch. Her infidelity to the Camarilla, has forfeited her rights to the blood and she is now Blood Hunted in this domain; all leal kindred are to do her harm.

Furthermore, a city cannot exist properly without a Sheriff; therefore I command that the Primogen Council assemble a list of candidates for Sheriff. All acknowledged Kindred are welcome to present themselves to a member of the Council for consideration, although ability shall be the deciding factor.



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