Within the Ashes of Chicago

Maintaining the Fruits of our Labors

The Masquerade and the Camarilla

Esteemed Kindred of Chicago,

Trying times are upon us, fear not, for these times are diminutive in comparison to the challenges our sect faced in the last decade. Which may I remind you, the times of trouble known as ‘Gehenna’ propelled our institution into the forge, and we remained studier, whereas the other, more debased, groups melted as the rabble they are. Though this is not to say such times are welcomed eagerly into our domains, but if we remain resolute, loyal, and strong we shall all persevere.

Our organization created what the mortals call the ‘War on Drugs’ as a cover to the violence that the rabid lunatics of the Sabbat and lupines brought during ‘Gehenna’. Even after such hardships have passed, our initiative has still bears fruit in the maintaining the Masquerade and combating violent kindred. Though it might be that some fear the actions done in defense of the realm, believing falsehoods that our actions to uphold that Masquerade may harm the innocent.

These fears are baseless, only the unjust need to fear justice. For dispute these trying times, a caitiff was openly admitted to this city, let no one say I ignore the plights of our community or that such hardships are excuses for draconian action. Until Sheriff Nelly is found, I expect all Kindred to do their part in protecting our organization and the Masquerade. As such the Primogen has a list of outstanding tasks from the Sheriff’s records that need action, Kindred who help with such tasks shall be rewarded.




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