Within the Ashes of Chicago


My fellow kindred,
As your new Keeper of Elysium I hope to offer you the greatest safehaven and meeting place as possible in these turbulant nights, and to that effect I am clarifying and expanding upon the given code of conduct and Rules of Elysium.

First, Elysium is not the royal court of the prince, while it is his ancient right to speak first and have the final statements we are all free to speak as to our station and with proper respect. Not even the lowest Caitiff should fear to speak to even the highest of primogen so long as he showes the respect that one’s possion is due. Elysium is neutral territory for all kindred, all conversations contained in its walls will remain civil and nonprovocative.

Second, No violence may be done in Elysium. No weapons or tools of harm may be carried into nor harmful disciplines used without the leave of myself or my duely appointed agents. The safety of the kindred and artifacts within Elysium are sacrosanct and the Keeper will tolerate no threat to either.

Third, as it has been the case in this domain that strange and magical artifacts have been seen with increasing frequency I shall require an antechamber to Elysium-Propper where such items can be displayed, discussed, and investigated, but I do not wish to see any unknown object to cross the bounds of our sacred Elysium..

Fouth, under no circumstance shall any save the Keeper or his duely appointed agents use any discipline upon another kindred who is under the protection of Elysium. Should any wish to submit willingly to a benevolent discipline power they must go to the antechameber to do what they wish. Be aware that the Keeper and his agents may use sensory powers to search all kindred coming to Elysium for weapons, artifacts, or disguises.

Fifth, the Masquerade is of paramount importance, no Kindred shall bring a mortal ino the bounds of Elysium unless that mortal is his ghoul and has been inducted into the silence of the blood. Should a mortal intrude upon an Elysium event uninvited the masquerade must be protected, any kindred preasent may use whatever means nessessary to preserve our First Tradition.

Sixth, to frenzy in Elysium is an affront to the very core ideal of the Elysiums, any kindred who frenzies in Elysium shall be punished severly. It is best to feed before attending Elysium as hunting in or in the area immediatly around Elysium is strictly forbidden.

Seventh, should Elysium fall under attack by external forces all kindred are to aid in defending it against whatever force threatens it. Should the Keeper or his agents deem that Elysium is undefendable they will designate a rondevous point which shall temporarally posess all the rules and protections of Elysium until such a time as a propper Elysium is ordained.

Lastly, any violation of the sanctity of Elysium are a grevious blow not only to our pride but to our very lives. the Keeper shall keep a watchful eye for any who break the ancient covenent of Elysium and they will be cast from the gathering disgraced in the eyes of the Camarilla. Minor infractions shall be warned once, and only once.

I, by my right as Keeper of Elysium, name Dr. William Blackwell of Clan Ventrue as Guard of Elysium, to act in my stead when I am not present and to faithfully uphold the strictures of Elysium against darkness or the coming dawn.

In weeks to come I will find an Elysium more suited to our needs, but until such a time I will hold Elysium in the same location as our previous gatherings.

Should any kindred have questions about Elysium, Pax Vampiris, the Traditions of Hospitality, History of Elysium, or how I will manage the Elysium under my perview you may freely contact me.

Joeseph Kinsington-Reily, Keeper of Elysium
((Phone Number, P.O. box))
[[If you want to contact Joeseph over downtimes shoot me a facebook message or an email at Aberlocher@yahoo.com]]



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