Within the Ashes of Chicago

Chicago Sun-Times,December 16, 1999

Game 7 paper

Surveillance Bill Passes
After extended debate and multiple revisions, the city council voted to pass the Chicago Surveillance Act. This new law removes the past requirement for cameras to be clearly visible when placed in areas intended for public use. This change is expected to be a great help to law enforcement, and a number of businesses plan to install additional cameras to help protect themselves from theft and vandalism.

Rezoning Program Makes Room for the Future
Recently elected alderman Antony Napoletano has begun an extensive rezoning program designed to free up real estate for development. Many properties in the city are still left underused due to outdated regulations and red tape, and the changes are aimed to allow for new construction and business growth. In many areas, this zoning program is expected to allow significant economic growth within the next few years.

Grumble&Grumble Construction Goes Public
Davy Grumble, owner and cofounder of the successful Grumble&Grumble Construction Company, has decided to step down from his leading position in order to explore other business ventures. With his departure, Grumble&Grumble has gone public, selling its stock on the open market. There has been unexpectedly heavy interest from investors, with the stock nearly doubling in price since its initial offering. Grumble&Grumble’s new management plans to expand into new markets with the sudden influx of funding.

Rise in Pollution Worries Populace
A particularly thick smog developed last Tuesday just west of the downtown area. Though it eventually dissipated, it brought back persistent concerns about the cleanliness of the city. Pollution levels have risen significantly over the last few months, and the cause is unclear. City investigators suspect some industrial companies of ignoring regulations on the sly, and thorough inspections are in the works for a number of businesses. Until then, city dwellers are advised to avoid vigorous outdoor activity when ozone levels are high.

Police Make Major Drug Seizure
Thanks to an opportune tip, police were able to locate a major hideout of the notorious Crimson Skulls gang. A well-executed raid resulted in six arrests, the recovery of several stolen firearms, and the seizure of cocaine and herion valuing $1.3 million plus $100,000 cash. Crime experts expect that the loss of equipment and personnel will seriously hamper the Crimson Skulls’ activity in the city, likely resulting in a small dip in overall crime. Police stated that 43 overdoses since the beginning of the year are beleived to be linked to the distribution of these drugs.



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