Within the Ashes of Chicago

Chicago Sun-Times November 15,1999

Paper for Game 4

Anti-Crime Protests

Tensions on the west side regarding developing gang activity have developed into street protests. Demonstrators feel that police response has been apathetic, and demand increased efforts in protecting the local populace. Protesting was initially coordinated by local community watch groups in the face of steadily growing crime.

Grisly Murder Downtown

While emptying a little-used dumpster just south of the downtown area, garbagemen were stunned to discover a human corpse mixed in with the refuse. The body had punctures in multiple major arteries, and most of the blood seems to have been drained out of the corpse. The degree of decomposition suggests that the victim’s death occurred between one and two weeks ago. The victim has yet to be identified.

Satellite TV Ready To Soar

The new satellite television bill that President Clinton is expected to sign soon is a major breakthrough for an aggressive $43.5 billion industry.

For the first time, satellite TV companies will be able to offer programming from local stations to their customers in major cities, a step many lawmakers and analysts believe (Cont Section 2A) City Building Codes Tightened

A pattern of lax enforcement in building and fire codes has allowed many unsafe structures to remain in use without proper renovation. Roy Wallace, longtime head of the Department of Buildings, plans to crack down on violations and update or demolish old buildings. After an initial round of inspections, many locations have been flagged for significant repairs and several are slated for demolition.

Surveillance Measures Under Discussion

In response to a sustained increase in crime and disorder, the City Council is considering increased use of video surveillance in problem areas throughout the city. The measure has major support, though concerns over privacy and budget concerns have both been cited as roadblocks.

`Pokemon’ May Not Be Good Fare For Youngsters

The bad accents are the only things adults will find entertaining about “Pokemon: The First Movie” (G).

If you can manage it, spare your little ones (and yourself) from seeing “Pokemon.” The feature is too boring for older kids and parents, and many will judge it too dark and violent for young, impressionable minds. (Cont Section 4A)
Lakeview Kidnapping

A bold kidnapping occurred last Thursday evening in Lakeview, as a group of unknown persons came to came to the home of area resident Brian Larson, tying his hands and taking him away in their car. His housekeeper, who witnessed part of the kidnapping, reported that Larson stood dazed for some time with the kidnappers. “He was talking two people at the door and acting weird and spacey, maybe drugged. I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time. One of the kidnappers led me into another room, and by the time I got back there was a third one there instead tying him up and taking him out to the car. I went to call the police right away.” The kidnappers were able to flee the scene of the crime unapprehended.

Resignation and Special Election

Chicago City Clerk James Laski resigned today, twelve days after a federal indictment charged him with soliciting bribes and obstruction of justice tied to the embattled ‘Hired Truck Program’.

In an odd move, the City Council has hastily called for a special election in two weeks to fill the position till the end of the term. Alderman Frank Mendoza of the 34th district has announced he’s running. Pentex Vice President Anthony Napolitano is stepping down to run as well.



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