Within the Ashes of Chicago

Chicago Sun-Times, December 9th, 1999

Game 6 paper

Surveillance Bill Still Under Contention

City Council votes this week on the long-discussed Community Surveillance Act. There is still significant contention over Section 8C, which would lower the standard of evidence required for city officials to gain access to security records of businesses. Some groups of lobbyists are pushing for this clause to be removed before the vote.

Napoletano Wins Special Election

Candidate Napoletano won last week in a special election held to replace former alderman James Lannski after his abrupt resignation. Napoletano’s victory came as a mild surprise given the significant lead maintained by rival candidate Frank Mendoza just a week before the election. In his acceptance speech Napoletano promised to take action against the upsetting conditions in the city and restore the order its citizens had previously enjoyed.

New CEO for MultiHaul

Stocks ticked up for the first time in weeks for local shipping company MultiHaul when it welcomed in new CEO Jeremy Tennyson. A dynamic leader, he promises to revitalize a company damaged by steep competition and a history of accidents.
Walker Investigations Exposed!

Employees of private security firm Walker Investigations have been caught in shocking violation of the law, bringing back longstanding public doubts about the company’s activities. Two employees of Walker Investigations were caught trespassing in the offices of NBC Chicago by police. A cursory search revealed a quarter kilo of cocaine and an electronic balance in their vehicle outside. The pair have been detained for possession with intent to sell, and police investigators suspect further drug connections with the company. The company’s owner, Walker Friel, is a shadowy figure with known criminal connections. Though never convicted, he has been implicated in illegal activities on multiple occasions in the past. In light of the recent drug arrests, the company will be subjected to a thorough audit to clear out the corruption.

Accident at Printing Facility

A faulty backup generator led to a fire during a brief power outage yesterday at a small printing facility in Cicero. Facility owner Monocular Publishing warns of possible leakage of hazardous chemicals, and will be dispatching a cleanup team to take care of the situation safely. Damage appears minor, and is expected to be resolved within a few days.

Police Crack Down on Rampant Crime

Following the recent riots and multiple killing sprees, police have decided to take a tougher approach in order to protect the city. After successfully petitioning for an increase in previously inadequate city funding, the CPD plans to drastically increase police presence in problem areas and maintain considerably faster response times. By taking a harsher stance towards unlawful and predatory behavior, law enforcement officials hope to avoid repeating the bloody events of the last few weeks.

Smugglers Caught Unloading Weapons

A group of smugglers was caught this week attempting to unload weapons into the city off of a shipping barge ostensibly carrying food products. As the smugglers were found to have connections to active organized criminal groups, this is not believed to be an isolated incident. The Illinois International Port District is temporarily requiring more extensive documentation for ships docking in or near Chicago in order to control the situation.

Communication Lost with Mars Polar Lander

Shortly before contact with the Martian atmosphere, NASA scientists stopped receiving signals from the lander. (Cont. page 6)


It hasn’t even been a week and already everything sucks.


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