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Date and TIme Weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 PM to 11:45 PM
Location Illini Union Basement next to the Federation Room
System By Night Studios ‘Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade’ Modified (Quick Start Guide)
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In 1986, the mortals of the world stood in both horror and awe to events in the sky, as the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger and the apparition of Halley’s Comet. Though the supernatural beings looked up to the night sky and noticed the appearance of a red star, Wormwood, which remained unseen to mortals. Wormwood heralded the coming of horrors that the most powerful organization that ever existed, the Camarilla, wished to deny and had violently asserted to be a myth. As Wormwood shone upon the Earth, the Children of Malkav were taken by a wave of unified madness, Werewolves hunted down Kindred en masse, and the Catiffs and thin-bloods rose up in organized revolt. Many long time domains of the Camarilla were left weakened, while domains in Cairo and Sydney were overthrown by the Clanless.

These signs were long held as the beginning of the end times by the militant cult of exceedingly inhuman vampires known as the Sabbat, centuries old enemies of the Camarilla. The emergence of Wormwood fueled a resurgence of the Sabbat’s holy war against Camarilla, which the Sabbat believed to be an bastion of power for the elder vampires believed to be the End Time’s engine of destruction. The blood of kindred and kine flowed through the streets for six months, waking one of the dread terrors of old.

Ranvos, one of the ancient vampiric fathers who walked the earth before the Great Flood, awoke in India. As he to devoured all life around him, all beings with the gift of divination saw that the Antediluvian, the most powerful being to walk the Earth since the death of Christ, and the destruction laid in his waste. The tales about the End Times that had been violently suppressed by the Camarilla became to be undeniably true and dissention grew in its ranks. A battle between Ranvos and many powerful wizards, vampires and other beings took place over seven days, ending in the denotation of many nuclear warheads.

In the aftermath of the battle, the supernatural world held its breath. The mortal world stood in fear of a nuclear war between the West and the U.S.S.R., knowing only of the blast and the strange surge violence taking place in cities. Wormwood was nowhere to be seen in the night sky and none of the expected horrors took place, for kindred or kine.

The conflicts that emerged in the wake of Wormwood ceased, none of the other signs of the End Times took place. Stunned, the Sabbat tore itself apart in a Civil War over the failings of its zealous doctrine. The leaders of the Camarilla rallied their disillusioned members and pushed the Sabbat back from their cities. As an uneventful year passed since the events of 1986, the consensus amongst Kindred was that only a collection of horrifying coincidences had taken place, far shorter of the expected End Times. The Camarilla rebuilt, all the while the world of mortals lived on none the wiser.

Over the following decade the Camarilla emerged as a great monolith of power over Kindred and the mortal world that it secretly directs. The U.S.S.R. fell, giving birth to the New World Order under the guidance of the Camarilla. All while the greatly diminished Sabbat licked its wounds in its besieged territory. Many Anarch enclaves disappeared to packs of deserting Sabbat and to the Camarilla’s imperial efforts.

Throughout all these challenges the City of Chicago, domain of the powerful Camarilla Prince Lodin, held fast against the storm. Lodin was celebrated by both the Kindred of Chicago and the leaders of the Camarilla. After a period of calm and refilling the cities ranks, Lodin called for the destruction of all the clanless vampires in Chicago, then he quickly followed up with the eviction of all Anarchs from Chicago. These two acts left many kindred inside the city quietly questioning the Prince’s heavy-handed actions and watching closely for what he might do next. Even some of Lodin’s Primogen Council wonder if the ‘Times of Trouble’ changed him for the worse.

Now, in 11th month of 1999, Lodin broods over the city he once controlled with an iron fist, dolling out draconic punishments for dissent. His foes within and outside of the Chicago have noticed Lodin’s increasingly erratic behavior, waiting for the time to strike. Though unbeknown to the Kindred of Chicago a reunified Sabbat, led by a powerful Warlord, is also waiting outside of the city.